Is Marijuana Safe?

Today, I heard something very briefly on NPR. It was talking about marijuana, and how accessible it is to people. In fact, a small amount in a person’s possession is actually legal! But what is so alarming is that this is such a dangerous item for people to be using in the way they do.

Smoking marijuana is not a harmless pleasure. It is a habit forming substance, and scientists have found that is actually causes brain damage and impairs the ability of cells to reproduce in the body, and causes various sexual problems. Genes and chromosomes are damaged, and the long-term effects are irreversible.

What is it that makes marijuana so toxic? It is the toxic ingredient called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

When this toxic ingredient is introduced into the body, mental perception and judgement is severly compromised. As the periodical Awake! brought out, “the user maythink he is doing better. However, he is like the person who has had several alcoholic drinks and thinks he is more proficient at whatever he attempts, but is really not.”

Is Marijuana Safe

In that same periodical, Dr. Francis A. Davis, who published the medical journal PrivatePractice, said: “[Marijuana’s] early use is beguiling. It gives the illusion of feeling good, so the user is unaware of the beginning loss of mental functioning.”

All of this not to mention the effect on the lungs. It has the same effect on the lungs as does tobacco smoke, and contributes to lung cancer and other issues. And not only that, but taking smoke purposely into our lungs is a defilement of our body – breaking a law set in place by our Creator! brought out that it is NOT TRUE that people who are caught with marijuana are rarely punished, because the facts show that in 1995 alone a half a million people were arrested for possession, and tens of thousands of people are in prison right now because of marijuana offenses.

Not only is marijuana bad in itself, but it can also lead to use of other even more dangerous drugs such as LSD, cocaine, and heroine. Why? Because the body begins to crave the mental “feel-good” effects marijuana brings.

There is so much more to learn about all the effects of marijuana on the human body, so check out such websites as,, and

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