Should Drug Testing Be a Requirement to Receive Welfare?


Many people work their whole lives to pay for the things that make them happy in life. Granted, some of the money is put towards the necessities such as bills, a place to live and food. Throughout their years of working to have the money they need, they have taxes taken out of their checks. Where do these taxes go? They go to numerous places, such as social security, highways and many other places that we will never quite know about.

One in particular should have stricter guidelines and more restrictions: welfare. Many hard working people, who deserve their money, have to pay for those on welfare. Welfare is a good idea, but there should be limitations in regards to who is allowed to receive it and how long they are allowed to collect money.

The requirements, first and foremost, should require a drug test to be given to anyone applying for Welfare and everyone who receives welfare should be subject to random drug tests throughout the entire time they are receiving the state’s help.

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What right does the government have to make hard working individuals pay for people who take drugs and are unable to take care of themselves? If someone is down on their luck and needs the help after putting a hundred percent effort into making ends meet, then yes, let us all pull together and help them.

I would be happy if my tax money is used to help someone who truly needs the help. If my money is being used to help someone who stays at home all day doing drugs and not working or trying to find a job, then no, why should any percent of the money we all work hard for be given to them.

They would rather kill themselves with drugs and sponge off of every hard working American rather than trying to make their lives better. They do not deserve a penny from the government. The governmental bodies that allocate the welfare funds should seriously consider making drug testing mandatory before any individual applying for welfare, receives any money from the government and the working Americans that contribute to these funds.

As for the length of time that someone should be allowed on welfare, someone should only be allowed on welfare for a maximum of two years. If at the end of two years, someone proves that they did everything possible to get a job to earn the money for themselves, then they could be eligible for an extension.

Welfare should only be used to help someone that truly needs the help. If you did not have to work because you were receiving state funds, then why would you? Welfare should be like unemployment. There should be stricter guidelines when allowing individuals to receive welfare and there should limitations on the length of time one can receive it.

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